Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Comfort and Warmth

     I'm sure you can deduce from the title what my main focus was getting dressed this AM to go to work. The oversized sweater is one of my favorites and since I was wearing so many warm colors, I decided to keep it in the same family when it came to my shoes. Of course I spared you all the whole matchy-matchy by using similar colors and not all ONE color. I will never be able to pull that off but am very impressed when I see others do it in a not-so-tacky manner. I also included a bunch of shots of the shoes because well... it's all in the details isn't it?

 My maltipoo now knows exactly how to take outfit photos. He's mocking me by standing sideways too.
What a sassy little furball!

I love how this photo really highlights all the colors I had on today.


So adorable! *sigh

Sweater & Top: F21
Pants: Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: F21 (I also found them on Modcloth too)
Scarf: World Market
Purse: from a trip to Hong Kong
Necklace: F21

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