Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sparkling on Laundry Day

     Laundry. I love the fresh smell, the fleeting warmth of clothes just out of the dryer and the feeling of rewearing an old favorite. Downside... I am one of those people who does laundry at the LAST possible second and I tend to hold off on folding for so long, clothes are wrinkled and require a quick session in the dryer to get back that ooommph back. This morning was the moment I realized it was laundry day. Luckily this sparkly number and these ancient dress pants were still on my shelf. So... Voila! A quick and simple outfit for work. Complete with studded heels to bring down the girliness of the sparkle just a notch and my new favorite gold-plated seashell necklace.

 I look like I'm falling to one side but I was only bending my right knee slightly. hmmm... weird.

 Here's a better shot of the shell necklace and the sparkle of my purdy sweater. :)

 I know this picture has already been featured on a different posts, but I just love the stud detailing on these shoes so I figured it should show up again!

I forgot to get a shot of the outfit WITH the purse so here's a stock photo of the purse I used.

*Note: I have since dealt with not only the mountain of laundry but my car decided to misfire on the freeway while I was going 60 mph. Yikes!

Top: H & M
Pants: super old from Ross?
Shoes: Francesca's
Necklace: Anthropologie
Purse: Kate Spade

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  1. Super cute shoes! I love them. I love switching fabric softeners and getting your clothes all hung up and it smells heavenly.