Monday, March 12, 2012

Canadian Tuxedo?

     So, I got a remark that since I was wearing basically all over denim I was wearing a Canadian Tuxedo? Hmm.. At least I was comfortable enough to wander around a flea market all day! I did however commit a fashion no-no by wearing the same tank TWO days in a row. Hope you don't mind it. I needed layers for the odd weather we had yesterday. I was a bit cold earlier in the day but then after a couple hours the sun was shining and I had to take my chambray shirt off and tie it around my waist, thereby making a slight homage to the 90s. My second fashion no-no of the day. I know. *sigh. There were TOO many wonderful things at this gigantic flea market but I was a very good girl and only spent a whopping $18 total! Plus I got to whip out my uber cute foldable tote bag to carry all my finds. Now.. ready yourself for a picture heavy post!

I will be in this oufit again since I was ridiculously comfortable and still felt so put together.

Here's a closer shot of my arrowhead necklace from F21. Its definitely one of my favorite pieces.

I need a pedicure since the only polish left is on my big toes and they're only half covered. Yikes!

Ball jars! I wanted to buy the whole lot of them but my dad talked me out of it.

Such pretty colors! My dad and I are also planning on using some of those big abalone shells as planters for succulents and cacti!

This locker set-up gave me the interesting idea of having this as storage in a play/rec room where certain lockers can be left open to highlight the items placed in them! I also love all the little dwarves lining the bottom. So whimsical.

I still have no idea what these metal trays are for but I just love this picture with the green truck in the back!
Piles and piles of metal letters in every color imaginable!

Pretty Pretty shells and starfish

Old tins perfect for organizing or even as planters!

The finds that came home with me! A cardigan, sheer shirt with velvet accents and some druzy stones for jewelry crafting.
To finish an already great day... Sushi buffet! Yum!

My mom's filled up plate.

After I got back from the flea market and went out back to do a little gardening, I came back to this. I think someone was trying to send me a message on the patio stairs via ten toys. hmmm... wonder what it could have been? :)

Shirt: Goodwill
Tank: F21
Pants: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Boutique in Chinatown
Scarf: F21
Necklace: F21
Bracelets: F21

Here is some info on the places I went in case anyone was wondering:
Rose Bowl Flea Market
1001 Rose Bowl Blvd,
Pasadena CA
Every Second Sunday of the month

Kyoto Buffet (All you can eat Sushi and Chinese Food)

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