Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Casual

    On the weekends I either go super casual or dress it up depending upon my mood. Lately I've been on a comfort kick so the simpler the better. That does not mean that I neglect my accessories though. I think it's a lifelong love here to stay with me through thick and thin. And I don't mind one bit! Well, this is going to be a quick post since I'm off to brunch with besties and am already running low on time. Have a wonderful day all! :)

 A better view of my shirt and necklaces with out my eyelet scarf and purse. 
Can you spot the maltipoo? :)

 To add to my obsession with maps is this beautiful piece that has so much detail. Along the metal rim is a description of time zones and the globe even spins! 

 This little deer is so cute! 

This scarf was a clearance find at the Lucky Brand Store a year ago. I fell in love with it once I saw the three different kinds of eyelet lace and the blues of the scarf. So pretty! 

Cardigan & Tank: F21
Pants: BDG via Urban Outfitters 
Flats: F21
Scarf: Lucky Brand
Necklaces: F21 (deer), Covent Garden (Globe)
Bracelet: Lucky Brand

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