Friday, September 6, 2013


For the past 17 months I have been blessed with another cousin, countless delish foods and more laughs than I can remember. Of course I haven‘t strayed very far from the currazay-dog-lady who loves foods, family, fweennds, books and shoppin (i.e. cardio). Here‘s a little picture overload to catch-up the last 17 months. You‘ve been warned... photo overload commencing!!!

1. Hot pot rice
2. Tobey huggin his toy twin
3. Mulling over sandal choices. Hmmm....
4. Tobsters suspiciously eyeing the new bonsais in the garden. 
5. My dream garden (i.e. The Huntington Library) 
6. T-shirt gold! Only two dolla each! 
7. Teddy bear latte my friend ordered at Urth cafe
8. Bananers choco chip cupcakes with peanut butter cream cheese frostins‘ . Yum. 
9. Disney themed mani
10. Fresh wild atlantic salmon sashimi
11. Hello Kitty l/s shirt.. Fall, when will you be here? 
12. A drlish pear cocktail that I need to recreate pronto
13. Tobleroni‘s bday spread :)
14. My scrunchi-faced cuzin Marianne wearing the most adorable outfit
15. Rice vermicelli with crab, mushrooms, onions and black pepper made by my gran. Psstt... i took the leftovers for lunch and dinner. Leftovers FTW! 
16. Bruschetta
17. BBQ ribs I could smell cookin from down the street
18. Amazing fruit tart. Mangos & berries & peaches, oh my!!! 


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Prolonged hiatus... oops...

Oh Maiii Sheeesh.... has it really been 17 months since I last posted anything? Yikes. A couple weeks turned into months and then BLAM!! Honestly, I just tired of my own blog. I set out to try and give myself some time to think about my wardrobe and use what I already had in an effort to save some dough. Mission accomplished. However, like most resolutions it lost steam and faded into the kitchen fan. I think I need to regroup and slowly introduce segments that will encourage me to try new recipes, activities and fill my otherwise routine-habit-forming life into more of an adventure. I also believe that if I don't set up a goal of trying to blog everyday, this venture might prove more enjoyable and less tedious. On a somewhat related note, I have been instagramming in place of blogging...

Welps, I wanted to jumpstart this sad little blog again so I thought a check-in would be less pressure and a way to ease back into blogging. I will leave you with this one picture of chocolate caramel brownie cupcakes that have left me drooling while ignoring the sad little handful of pistachios by my desk. *le sigh*