Thursday, March 15, 2012

12 Minutes to Take Off!

     Is it really horrible of me that I constantly blog about waking up late? I think it might be.. just a little. Well, same ol' story here. Woke up terribly late since I stayed up terribly late watching Downton Abbey. I'm hooked. It's like Gosford Park but with characters that play a lot dirtier and have no problem constantly trying to one-up each other. I won't bore you with the specifics about the plot since I'm sure that's like opening the flood gates. Once I start, there may be no turning back!
     Back to the TWELVE minutes I had to get ready. I grabbed the nearest piece of clean laundry that is folded in a teetering stack by my basket and this is what I got. I haven't worn this purple floral top on the blog but I wear it practically once a week in the warmer months. I know it's not exactly warm yet but my spring/summer wardrobe is starting to take over my closet already.

Cardigan, Top, Pants: F21
Scarf: World Market 
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

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