Friday, February 17, 2012

~ These Are a Few of My Favorite Things ~

Currently can't get enough of these things... sigh*

d.Ra clothing has such a simple, clean, comfortable look that is still so stylish. ugh...  

 mmmm... taffy.

 Lattes with a bestie. A heart and .... hmmm... ?

 Who DOESN"T need a smores rack?!

 A lovely and very rad blog I recently discovered.
I LOVE this picture of the couple running the blog.
They travel everywhere in their winnebago and run a little
Etsy shop shelling beeswax candles that are uber uber cool.

 Frankie magazine. It has such beautiful artwork, photography, design and fashion tidbits. Super inspiring. I just wish its pricepoint was a little more within my range. bummer. Guess I'll just have to be an admirer from afar. Peep the pictures below for a little peek into their mag.

Have a Happy Weekend!!! :) 

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