Thursday, February 2, 2012

Health Department Oopsie

Don't freak! I'm not in any type of trouble with the Health Department. Last I checked I'm squeakeeyy cleeann. Yup. But... I think that the Health Department may have overlooked a teeny weeny little detail in their design of their auditorium. See those little silver boxes on the back of those lemon yellow chairs? Ash trays! Ash trays for CIGARETTES. Last I checked, cigarettes were not high on the Health Department's list of A-OK's. Oh and the outside of the building had a very large NO SMOKING sign right outside the door as well as inside the room on the back wall. Updates are in order for the Health Department decor.

Then... I got the brilliant idea that they should be renamed to TRash trays since the one next to me had a kleenex and candy wrapper in it. Alas, I burst my own bubble when I realized trash bags don't come in teeny weeny size. Boo...

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