Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fashionable Maltipoo

Yes. I put clothes on my dog. He's tiny and gets cold often. Really. He shakes. Some of you may think he hates me but I'm doing this for his own well being. Never for the sake of fashion of course. Plus how could anyone say no to this sweater? It has a hood and pockets. Oh and just in case you weren't clear, the word "Woof" is stitched on the back just to let you know he is still a dog even if he is wearing clothing.
Get ready for a gratuitous overload of adorableness.

This is not a sad face. It's a I-want-a-treat-after-these-photos face.

Pockets are great for storing treats... for approximately five minutes.


KAPOW!! The I-kill-you-with-cuteness stare.

*Update* He promptly received a treat after his killer stare.

**Full Disclosure** He wears bowties so that he is extra spiffy and elevates his chick-magnet status from "Awwww!" to a high-pitched squealy "HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!"

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