Wednesday, January 4, 2012


                           Yes, I am. Victorious that is. How do you ask? Why let me tell you...

     I made a trip to my local Goodwill to browse since I had just driven for about an hour and a half IN traffic. I needed a break. Nothing better than a little thrifting to ease your mind away from that jerk that cut you off TWICE.

     I scored two items on this trip, both of which went into use promptly within five minutes of being home. Both items came to a grand total of... 7 dollars! The first was a large oddly shaped wooden bowl that was super smooth on the inside and pretty bumpy on the outside. A perfect fruit bowl? Perhaps. The second, an ADORABLE miniature cream-colored metal chair with lace details. This chair is precious not only because of its cuteness, it's perfect for hanging earrings and hair clips!

     I first spotted it (a.k.a. perfect earring display) in the hands of a grandma who was CLEARLY still deciding. I wanted to give her some space so instead of asking her about it I circled the two surrounding aisles five times and peeked around the corner about ten times checking to see if she put it down. I may have been slightly creepy and was hovering just a tiny bit, but once she set it down I scooped that chair up and headed straight to the registers!

Creeper 1, Gran 0. Nuff said.

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