Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cupcake TIME!! :)

Oh yeah by the way, in the midst of all this Lunar New Year chaos I found time to bake a batch of Vanilla cupcakes with cinnamon sugar topping hidden beneath a lovely chocolate ganache and raspberry topper. Did I mention I like to bake? No. Oh well, here's a little "taste" of my hobby.

 I was so tempted to just bite off the tops of these cracked cinnamon sugar cupcakes. I decided that I should do myself a favor and just help myself to the lopsided one... or two... nomnomnom!

 Nomnomnom... oh this doesn't look too lopsided to you? It did to me. That's what matters.

 Yes. I decided to cover up that sweet crispiness with shiny, sweet ganache. *Note to self: ganache is very messy and therefore be prepared to eat an excessive amount of chocolate.*

 Can something be both cute and delicious? No. Okay... this cupcake is NOT that.

 Played around with some sliced almonds to make a flower only to realize I have too many broken "petals" to make a dozen flowers. Ooops.

Hello Lovelies... Hope my coworkers like ganache. :)

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