Friday, January 20, 2012

Basically Basics

      Have you ever woken up startled and immediately sensed in your bones that you were impossibly late? Today was that day for me. My fault for sure. I did press the snooze button twice and actually turned off my alarm while telling myself just... two... more... minutes...zzzzz. Yup. After remembering that it was Thursday (a.k.a. the only day I can wear jeans to work) I shimmied into my skinnies and grabbed this striped tube top before remembering I was going to work and made a quick grab for my black blazer. I knew in my head that all these basics HAD to go together. Hopefully...
     My purse was a whole other story so it's just not going to show up in pictures. Let's just say that my purse with a vintage map pattern is totally me and totally NOT this outfit's complement. Eh. You win some you lose some right?
     A pair of navy suede heels and some trusty necklaces completed my outfit. I should probably note that I didn't even have time to put on my jewelry until AFTER I arrived at work. I just grabbed it off my jewelry stands and shoved it into my purse. As I was putting on my necklaces in the bathroom at work, I reached in my purse for chapstick to find... black feather earrings! I forgot I had these in this purse from the weekend of going out. Jackpot. Here is my "OH CRAP I AM SO LATE" outfit.

Blazer: Ross
Tube Top: H & M
Jeans: BDG
Shoes: Payless
Earrings: Charlotte Russe
Necklaces: RoseBowl Flea Market, F21
Ring: Mom's shop :)

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