Thursday, January 5, 2012

~ These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things... ~

Cookies make everything better. Plus your house now has the tastiest air freshener. 

A little DIY centerpiece I made for under 6 bucks! 

I KNOW the holidays are over so please excuse my gratuitous tree photo. I miss it. 

Gifts that came in the mail!!! Except for the maltipoo invading this shot. 
He might be eyeballing his red & white toy in the lower right corner. 

One of my favorite outfits this past week. 
Polka dot tights are cute AND warm. 
Cute yet practical, No?  

Prepping homemade graham cracker crusts. I forgot to buy the graham crumbs so I had fun crushing/smashing/pounding crackers. You're supposed to do that.. Right? 

My penguin obsessed friend's appetizers. Yes. that's a penguin. 
And yes, that's a dog eyeing my penguin. 

Angry birds slingshot I gave to my air-soft, war-buff, potato-canon building, little brother. 
Great gift or annoying mistake? You tell me. 

Whaaaa...? S'mores cupcakes?! Topped with more S'mores?!! 

An awesomely delicious New Years drink. Sangria with fresh orange and strawberries!
I may have had two... :) 

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