Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hot Diggity Hot Pot Rice!

Do people still say, "diggity"? I mean, it's fun but I can't stop giggling after. Just me? Oh...
Hot Pot Rice. A super tastey dish that is perfect for warming up bodies in this cold weather.
Did I mention that the juices from the meats are soaked into the rice and the rice at the bottom is toasted so there's a bit of warm crispiness to the dish too! Mmm Mmmm Good! So much flavor...

This dish should make about 4-5 servings.

White Rice (1 &1/2 cups uncooked; should yield approximately 4-5 bowls of rice)
Pork Belly
Preserved Duck
Chinese Sausage (found at most asian markets)
Green Onions (Garnish and sauce only)
Soy Sauce
Chinese Greens (Any leafy green will do since you will only steam them seperately)
*Clay Pot* Best to use a clay pot so that it cooks in the same container that the rice is served out of :)

1. Fill clay pot with cooked rice and leave about an inch and a half of space at the top of pot to place meats on top.

2. Drizzle soy sauce onto the rice in clay pot. There's no need to mix it up. Don't soak the rice in soy sauce, you are just simply flavoring the rice as if you were adding a pinch of salt to season a dish. The juices from the meat will also season the rice so soy sause is just to add a kick to the rice.

3. Place various preserved meats and sausage directly on top of rice. You can group them by meats or mix it up on top. Just be sure not to mix the rice and meat up together.

4. Cover and heat on low-med heat for about 20-30 minutes.

5. While the rice is cooking, steam your veggies so they will be ready when the rice is.

6. After you set your veggies up to steam, take a minute to pour about four tablespoons of soy sauce into a small bowl, add a few cut green onions to the top and set aside. This is for dipping your meats!

7. Uncover rice and add a few cut green onions to the top just before serving. Use a wooden spoon to scoop/scrape the rice off the bottom of the clay pot where all that flavorful-crispy rice is! Serve with steamed vegetables.

8. ENJOY!!! :)

*This dish is so full of flavor and meats that veggies help break up the saltiness and are a healthy extra!*

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