Monday, January 23, 2012


Hey all. It's the New Year again. Chinatown was a disaster zone this weekend. There were so many people it felt like I was visiting a bustling city in China. The lines were out the door at bakeries, restaurants and shops! Everyone was buying all sorts of red and gold decorations, bbq pork, roast duck, dumplings, flowers and oranges. There were probably also other things too but I felt like people were vying for those six items the most since the lines to buy those things were the LONGEST. Luckily I was just a bystander. My gran was cooking for twenty ten. We ate some traditional Vietnamese fare and single people received lucky red envelopes filled with lucky money. Yay! I also got one of those scratcher tickets from my gran and was informed that if I was to win big, I needed to share. Of course I'd share the wealth! My family, friends and wishlists would feel the love.. most definitely.

 Festive decorations in my Mom's shop :)

 Another paper lantern made from the lucky red envelopes handed out on New Year's!

 Mmmm... Vegetarian fare from my Saturday dinner with my family. There were NO leftovers. :(

 Alright this is the first of three gratuitous foodie pics. "Squid" mushrooms with spicy salt...

 General Tao's spicy orange "chicken" mushrooms...

 Stir fried greenbeans with preserved vegetables...
Nothing masquerading as anything else. Just beans being beans.

 This spread was c/o of my Gran's cooking. This is also only half the stuff. Nuff said.

New Year LOOT!!! Woohoo! Lucky Money, Lucky Candy and a scratcher. Let's try my luck this year!

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