Monday, January 30, 2012

Thrifted Leaves

     Beeyootiful Leaves. I like leaves. The name of this blog should probably have clued you into that little fact. The fact that I almost always wear a ring with leaves on it is further proof. Need more? Okay, how about a thrifted tray and garden accents? Still not enough? Geez. I'm out.

     Anyways, back to the thrifted finds! Found these leaf-themed items at Goodwill the other day. Upon seeing them, I knew I could use them to store jewelry and display commonly used trinkets. I know the big silver leaf is a tray of some sort. But, the colorful smaller-metal leaves, I'm not so sure. They are pretty heavy for being so small and seem like heavy duty accents for outdoor use. Then again, they are also perfect for displaying bangles, bracelets and small earrings. Just sayin'.

Silver Tray: Goodwill $2
Color Leaves: Goodwill $3

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