Friday, April 13, 2012


     Looking back at these photos I definitely think I resemble the trees that line my street. Lots of deep greens and browns. I love the street I live on. Every house has a tree or two out front and usually a few out back so there's plenty of green and lovely plants everywhere. If my dad could open an arboretum/zoo... he would. He has tortoises, turtles, koi fish, canaries, parrots, dogs, lizards, over 50 bonsais, 40+ orchids, banana tree, pumpkin plant, tomatoes, lemons, oranges, and 50+ cactus plants. Throughout our time at this particular house we have also had rabbits, chickens, snakes, hamsters and lots of uninvited guests including deer, raccoons, squirrels, hawks, rattle snakes, coyotes, opossums and skunks. We once discovered that a skunk family was living in the crawl space under our house. Weird.
     I think most people will read this and think that this isn't that significant at all but when you live in a bustling city, it's often a surprise to discover so many animals roaming near your house and that with a two minute drive you are back in the city where twigs trees are planted in 3' by 3' dirt plots, have yet to sprout more than ten leaves, reach a height of 4' and whenever you look around it looks like a concrete jungle. My point is that it's convenient to be able to go home to such peaceful surroundings yet not have to travel far for all my city needs. I am so very fortunate. Done rambling. Onto outfit pics. :)

 The whole outfit is inspired by colors found in trees except for the gold in the necklace. I think that it actually reminds me of the rings of the tree trunk though, no?

 The belt came with the dress and is super stretchy. Bonus points for being able to eat lunch comfortably without having to loosen my belt. :)

I don't really like this last picture of my outfit from the side but I had to include one with my maltipoo. Besides outfits and food, my maltipoo has taken over my camera phone albums.

Dress & belt: Ross Stores
Necklace: Foreign Exchange
Shoes: Kenneth Cole from Ross Stores

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