Friday, April 20, 2012

Family from Texas

This past weekend, I had some relatives come to visit from Texas. The highlight was not just being able to see both my aunt and cousin but also to partake in the monstrous dinner that inevitably comes whenever it concerns a family get-together. We ate at Hop Li Restaurant in Chinatown which never fails with the monstrous proportions and delicious foods. Our small group of ten (small for us), ordered 13 dishes including some peking duck, crab, noodles, rice, beef, squab, and fish to name a few. Easy to say, that everyone was extremely full and got to take home some leftovers.

 Halfway into the meal I finally remembered to take a picture. Whoops.

 My favorite dish... NOODLES!!

These weird puffed up chips came in a variety of pastel colors. They don't really have any flavor but they somehow go well with the squab.

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