Monday, April 16, 2012

Neon Coral Leaves

     My title is a little simple. Just basically the key elements of an outfit. It was gloomy and supposed to rain but I was tired of wearing my dreary grays and blues. Plus I never like to wear all black so I thought... Pile on the color! Everything I have on has been featured on the blog before except for the boots and white leaf necklace. I love remixing, its so much easier on my wallet. I did recall that when I wore this sweater last time, I wanted to belt it and I have to admit that it looks way better belted. Yay. Comfy, cozy, warm, DRY. I think dressing in brights is like having an all day boost of caffeine! Sometimes I thought the spring in my step was eeking people out around me... oh well.

 I definitely like belting the sweater but I think a wider belt would have been more flattering. Must find a wider gold belt... Suggestions?

 Not one... but TWO leaf necklaces. :)

These boots were made for walking in the rain! They're comfy and water proof. Plus they fit over my calves. Yay!

Button Up Shirt: F21
Sweater: F21
Pants: H & M
Boots: Irene's Story
Belt: F21
Necklaces: Rosebowl Flea Market, F21

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