Monday, April 16, 2012

Jewelry Lust

Anyone who ever meets me or even takes a peek at my blog will know. I LIKE JEWELRY. A lot. Like a lot a lot. It should come as no suprise that my parents run a little boutique selling jewelry. I wasn't the most careful and graceful child (I have a stack of broken watches to prove this) so jewelry was not necessarily a part of my life. Fast forward 20 years and KAPOW! Jewelry love/lust hits hard. I actually bought my first diamond ring about six years ago. It's my beloved leaf ring that I feel naked without. I am always lusting after things in my mom's shop and so I thought I would share a few drool-worthy items. :)

The FLOWER ring. I love. I want. 14K white gold setting with diamonds, pink sapphires and more diamonds set in the center with yellow gold.

14k yellow gold setting with an amethyst stone. The deep purple is stunning.

Does this look familiar? It's one of the rings I love wearing. The green tourmaline stone is what originally caught my eye. 14K yellow gold setting with small white diamonds and a sea-green center stone.
My mother's newest leaf ring addition. The prettiest one I've seen since the one I picked up for myself. This one is a daintier version of mine and I think a little more "organic" in feel. 18k yellow gold set with small white diamonds. I WANT!!

This ring is definitely one I would feel nekkid without. This is the first diamond ring I ever bought for myself and I did so once I finished with university. 14k white gold with pave set white diamonds. I adore this ring.
A beautiful setting that has a more modern take on the three stone ring. 14k white gold set with diamonds in a cluster form in the center and around the cluster. This ring looks simple and elegant and definitely looks lovely once worn. The diamonds catch every possible ray of light and shines like crazy.
What a beauty! Yellow sapphire ring set in 14k yellow gold with small white diamonds set around the center stone as well as pave set diamonds on the band. The center stone is almost 3 carats! The basket setting also has an art-deco inspired carving throughout but I forgot to get a pic of it... D'oh!
Multi-colored pearl necklace with pinks, peach, and white pearls. It also has one very beautiful tahitian black pearl hanging on the end of the strand. This necklace is interesting because the snap is adjustable so you can adjust how long or short you want the center piece to be. So unique and beautiful!

My mother's shop always has at least one simple, statment diamond bracelet/bangle. This is one of them and is a timeless design. This design is nothing new but used frequently since it showcases the diamonds and their quality so well.
Last but certainly not least.... Jade earrings. These babies are a bit big for my taste but they are stunning because of the quality of jade. They are such a vibrant green and the pieces are large but not paper thin. The diamonds set on the sides in 18k yellow gold help accent it with the antique design. The setting of the earrings are reminiscent of a lot of older chinese jewelry and is often re-used since it showcases the jade so well.

Phew! Thanks for letting me share a bit of my obsession with jewelry and that you enjoyed the little peek into the treasures at my mom's boutique. :)

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