Friday, April 13, 2012


Hi all! I completely forgot to share the pictures of the foldable-reusable-adorable tote I take with me while thrifting or grocery shopping. I love it so much simply because it has large comfortable straps, folds into the tiniest size, has a snap to keep the opening from fanning out like a gaping hole and is super lightweight. Everytime I use it I wish I had bought a couple more. boo. Does anyone happen to know where I might be able to snag a couple more? I've been using one as a gym bag and the other two I use for the grocery store. I know thats already three but I would like to give some to my friends and have one extra that I can have around the house for the odd job since my 'grocery" totes go in the car. Suggestions would be much appreciated! :)

 A water and bottle and maltipoo for a size comparison...

 All folded up and tucked into the mini-version. Looks like a bag made for my dog! lol

It also comes with a small metal key-link loop to attach to your purse :)

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  1. Those are so cool! I've never seen them before.